About Greg

I’m from Australia, born in 1960, interested in people and the way they live. These epistles are designed to be read. I hope you enjoy reading them: digesting and being provoked into thought. Whilst there are stories from more than 50 countries, there’s a disproportionate number of stories here from Bangladesh and Việt Nam. That’s because I spent two years and four years respectively, living and working in those two countries. I’ve also travelled extensively in the wide brown land. After the COVID pandemic, that’s where I’ll be doing most travel, and adding more stories to the site.

Likeminded souls please add some intelligent comments.

One of the big fears of journalists is to get to a point where they start unconsciously repeating themselves. The incomparable Neville Cardus confessed in his autobiography that his books and articles contained “my own errors – countless and sometimes reprehensible”. Since many of these epistles were written during languid vacations, often remote from civilisation and sometimes in haste, I confess to the occasional mistake myself. I have tried – always in retrospect – to eliminate any inaccuracies for the sake of what is sometimes known as journalistic integrity. Remember that? Here’s a chance for readers to gently correct the record as well. Such additions are welcome.