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time and tide

Kia ora from New Zealand,

Timing is everything, they say. Just ask a magician, a comedian, an actor or even a footballer. Also, it’s important for winter travellers in New Zealand’s stunningly beautiful South Island. We are here for a sightseeing and skiing holiday before heading for the tropics for our appointment in Dhaka, Bangladesh. And our timing has been absolutely perfect.

from the picnic at the side of the road

Even the locals are marvelling at the snowfall. “You’ve come at just the right time,” says John from Christchurch, also stopped at the lookout for a few photographs and memories.

“You couldn’t have timed it better.”

We are heading to Wanaka for some skiing and Queenstown for some sightseeing.

Mount Cardrona

Mount Cardrona is a ski field outside picturesque Wanaka. After a massive snowfall, it’s a matter of waiting for a bright sunny day. Head off in the morning. Register for a card and park your car in the big guided car park and organise your gear at the resort. Then catch the chair lifts and ski until you drop. After joining a queue at the end of one run, a bloke with a hand-held device says, “Well done, Greg: ninth time on this lift.”

Lake Tekapo

Heading towards Queenstown, the playground of the south. Stopping at the old railway bridge to watch the Bunge Jumping (not to participate, note). Entering the impressive building, I noticed the music over the intercom: Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Proud Mary: “You don’t have to worry . . .”. That’s clever marketing.

snow on the bracken

Lots of vehicles have left the road and been abandoned during the icy conditions. One car is on its side on the mountain road with red spray words on the chassis: ALL OK. It’s a good thought: everyone would stop to help.

After a huge drop of snow, the mountains are spectacular, the avalanches are noisy, the skiing is superb but the roads are now safe because the sun is out. Talk about good timing.

Haere ra from New Zealand


Other photos from hereabouts

mountain stream
Lake Wakatipu

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